The StemPhys staff is responsible for the following courses:

  • Biophysics of cells and single molecules (Masters/graduate course, Lene Oddershede, NBI)
  • Cross-institutional course in molecular biophysics (Graduate course, Lene Oddershede, NBI)
  • Physics of diseases (Masters/graduate course, Ala Trusina, NBI)
  • Dynamical systems (Bachelor course, Mogens Høgh Jensen, NBI)
  • Topics in Complex systems (Masters/Graduate course, Mogens Høgh Jensen, NBI)
  • Critical reading and controversies in stem cell and developmental biology (Graduate course, DanStem),
  • Trends in Developmental Biology (Graduate course, DanStem)
  • Pluripotency (Graduate course, DanStem).

Examples of student projects available for master's and bachelor theses >>