28 April 2017

PhD studentship in 'Liver formation: dissecting mechanisms of organ size control in development and regeneration'


Investigating “how progenitor cells monitor and control organ size during normal growth and during regeneration following liver injury” is offered by the Ober group at the Danish Stem Cell Centre (DanStem). the project is part of StemPhys. The position is for a predoc/research assistant in the first year subsequently appointed as PhD fellow, (1+3).

DanStem is an international center with in the faculty of Health and Medical Sciences addressing basic research questions in stem cell and developmental biology. It was founded in 2012 supported by a grant from the Novo Nordic Foundation and currently encompasses eleven research groups bringing together international experts in cell biology, genetics, transcription and stem cell biology, associated in particular with visceral organ development and homeostasis. Any student hired under this project will be enrolled into DanStem’s PhD program.

This position will be part of StemPhys an interdisciplinary initiative joining stem cell biology and theoretical and experimental physics aiming to significantly advance our understanding of stem cell commitment, fate differentiation and organ formation. Details can be found at www.stemphys.ku.dk

The position in the Ober group is available from July 2017 for four years.

The PhD project will be based within the Ober group and use a variety of approaches, such as new genetic tools and zebrafish mutants, live-imaging and genome-wide transcriptome analysis, as well as computer modeling and biomechanic analyses by collaboration within StemPhys to address fundamental questions of organ formation in vivo.

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