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News on Biophysics 2017

Research Collaboration on virus attacks

20 December 2017

Physicists and molecular biologists from the University of Copenhagen have published a new and exciting take on how bacteria can survive virus attacks.

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Chaos in the transition from sleep to awake

15 December 2017

Danish researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have investigated how to describe one of the most significant state changes in the brain, namely the transition between sleep and wakefulness.

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NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide

20 November 2017

The Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) program enables National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellows to carry out research visits for periods of 2 through 12 months.

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Investigating family trees in the fetal pancreas reveals that some cells contribute more than others

27 September 2017

Investigating family trees in the fetal pancreas reveals that some cells contribute more than othersIn this recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, the group of Professor Anne Grapin-Botton at DanStem shows that some of the cells in the community forming the pancreas will make large...

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A new role for Insulin as a Vital Factor in Maintaining Stem Cells

25 September 2017

New research shows that insulin is a key determinant of embryonic stem cell potency in mammals. When large amounts of Insulin are around, stem cells retain their ability to make all the cell types in the body.

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Production of key diabetes cells can be improved

21 September 2017

In the future diabetics might benefit from getting insulin-regulating beta cells transplanted into their body because their own beta cells are destroyed or less functional.

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The earliest stages of life might be simpler than we thought

13 July 2017

In the very earliest stages of life, mammalian cells multiply and form the embryo. New research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that this process might be much simpler than we thought.

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PhD studentship in 'Liver formation: dissecting mechanisms of organ size control in development and regeneration'

28 April 2017

Investigating “how progenitor cells monitor and control organ size during normal growth and during regeneration following liver injury” is offered by the Ober group at the Danish Stem Cell Centre (DanStem). 

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