The Niels Bohr Institute

The Niels Bohr Institute consists of 11 buildings, with 6 main auditoriums. StemPhys related events are most often held in meeting room KC7, or auditoriums A, D or HB1, depending on the size of the event. Rooms at NBI are named after their location, so fx KC7 is in building K, floor C, and HB1 stands for Hoved Bygning 1, which means the main building 1. This auditorium is used for monthly StemPhys seminars, and you can reach it through building A or the basement. See illustration below to identify the buildings of the Niels Bohr Institute

 Map of the Niels Bohr Institute on Blegdamsvej


You enter Panum through the Mærsk Tower, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 København N. Danstem is located in Building 6. StemPhys related seminars and talks are regularly held in different auditoriums. The locations are announced for individual events. See an overview of Panum and the Mærsk Tower below (click for larger format).

Map of Panum