Workshop on Physical Concepts in Stem Cell Biology 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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The workshop is organized by the StemPhys Centre, an interdisciplinary collaboration between biologists and physicists. The meeting will take place in August 6-10, 2017, at Sankt Helene Conference Centre in Tisvildeleje, Denmark.

Registration deadline: 10 July 2017.

A limited number of fellowships can be granted to wave the registration and lodging fee. For more information please contact Michelle Løkkegaard ( 

Please feel free to download and redistribute the poster for the workshop.

Confirmed Speakers

Aulehla, Alexander

Briscoe, James 

Enver, Tariq  

Fraser, E. Scott  

Garcia Ojalvo, Jordi 

Guck, Jochen

Hadjantonakis, Anna-Katerina 

Hiiragi, Takashi  

Jönsson, Henrik  

Kaneko, Kunihiko

Krishna, Sandeep

Lionnet, Timothee

Mahadevan, L. 

Martinez-Arias, Alfonso 

Oates, Andrew

Papalopulu, Nancy 

Pera, Martin 

Schröder, Timm

Vermot, Julien                              
White, Mike